We offer an unmatched range of membrane filtration processing solutions for selecting and tailoring valuable milk and whey components, which add value to your products and optimize your processing economy.

The potential applications of membrane filtration are virtually unlimited, for instance:

  • Concentration of milk and whey for volume reduction and saved costs for tranportation and fuel
  • Concentration of milk for white cheese/Feta and fermented (cultured) products for higher yield and more flexible production
  • Concentration, demineralization, and fractionation of whey and milk for high-value ingredients such as WPC, WPI, MPC, and MPI
  • Bactocatch solution for bacteria and spore removal from liquid milk for extended shelf life (ESL)
  • Bacteria and spore removal from cheese milk (BrineClear) and whey for better cheese and powder quality as well as reduced product loss
  • Protein and casein standardization for cheese milk, milk powder, liquid milk, and yoghurt for maximized utilization of cheese making equipment and increased yield
  • Reduction of water and energy costs
  • Separation and concentration of egg whites