Brine clarification


Cheese brine clarification

Good quality brine is essential to cheese flavour, taste, rind, and appearance of the cheese. Poor brine, however, is a significant threat to the cheese quality and can lead to spoilage of the cheese and economic loss.

Over time, microorganisms such as bacteria, spores, yeast, and mould will build up in the brine and be transferred to the cheese during the salting process. Eventually, heavily contaminated brine can lead to surface contamination of the cheese and degrade the cheese quality.

Our unique filtration process, the BrineClear™, physically removes undesired microorganisms, leaving clear brine. No additives are used, and the brine temperature and pH remain unchanged during the entire process. The content of whey proteins, soluble salts (e.g. NaCl and calcium), and the chemical balance of the brine is unaffected.


  • Reduced environmental load as a result of low energy and detergent consumption
  • Highly efficient removal of undesired microorganisms
  • Natural brine balance is maintained
  • Plug-and-produce setup
  • Safe, highly automated operation with data logging
  • Embedded software
  • User-friendly colour touch screen
  • Low membrane replacement costs
  • Considerable savings through re-use of brine


The BrineClear™ is available in 3 standard sizes, ­corresponding to brine bath volumes of approximately 250, 500, or 1,000 m3. Larger plants are available on demand.

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