High cheese yield and quality


Feta and similar cheese types are manufactured by full сoncentration of the milk using UF. Culture or acid, rennet, salt and other additives are added to the retentate, and it can then be cast straight into the appropriate packaging.

Fresh cheese types based on fermented milk or cream, such as quark or cream cheese, can also be manufactured using UF. After fermentation, the product is concentrated to the desired level followed by final treatment and packaging. The UF process results in a high, uniform quality and a very high yield. At the same time it is possible to manufacture several different products on the same UF plant.

High-quality cheese with clean brine

Microfiltration removes impurities and harmful microorganisms from the cheese brine swiftly and efficiently, while preserving the natural chemical balance of the brine. We have developed the special BrineClear™ concept, which has proved to be a supremely good solution, technically as well as financially. Read more...