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Do you always need an extra hand with membrane installation?

Tetra Pak’s easy-to-use Membrane Installation Tool/MIT supports the spiral-wound membrane elements and ensures that they are aligned correctly with seals: the anti-scoping device (ATD) or the energy-saving ATD (ESA).

VarioBoost: New Tetra Pak software provides significant power savings on membrane filtration

The new Tetra Pak software has been developed to optimize the speed control of the booster pumps automatically, thereby achieving up to 65 % power savings. Patent pending.

Technology and environmental awareness drive new food trends

New trends and consumer preferences develop rapidly – helped by social media. Consumers listen to each other and to environmentally friendly brands. We are looking forward to meeting customers and cooperation partners at hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia/the International Food Contest 2019 and to having a dialogue about Tetra Pak Processing’s power and water saving solutions.

Open positions

Currently, we have three open positions in Silkeborg and one in Champlin, Minnesota, US:

Project Assistant - Automation Engineer, Future Talent Programme - Sales Manager

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Tetra Pak membrane filtration: a game changer

The more than 60-year membrane technology continues to contribute to innovation. Combined with Tetra Pak’s initiatives such as a water competence center and strategic partnerships, the technology can help improve dairies’ and other food producers' green profile and create new, highly refined products.

Would you like to start your career as an Automation Engineer "in good company"?

Tetra Pak is looking for brilliant and highly motivated young people for our “Future Talent Programme” starting in 2019 to pursue our tradition to develop strong leadership and technical excellence. You have finished recently – or are about to finish your Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Electrical, Automation, or Software Engineering this year. Project Manager Christoffer Christensen followed the programme from September 2017, after he had graduated in technology management and marine engineering, and one year ahead. Read his story, and apply for the position. 

Optimized value by means of protein standardization

Two types of membrane filtration processes, namely ultrafiltration and microfiltration, are used for protein standardization in milk. While ultrafiltration is used to standardize the total protein, microfiltration is used to standardize the casein. 

Membrane diagnostics has never been easier

Tetra Pak®  Membrane Scope simplifies and speeds up diagnostics of poorly performing membrane systems:

  • no dismantling required
  • no downtime
  • no unneeded membrane replacement

The Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope is safe and easy to operate and will have your membrane system up and running again in no time.

Saving Water in Dairy Processing

New possibilities to recover and reuse water safely

How we treat and utilize global water resources is gaining increasingly more focus, not least in the food industry, and at Filtration Solutions, we see this worldwide growing, responsible mindset as a great opportunity. 

Tetra Pak supplies new mozzarella plant for Fonterra

In January 2017, Tetra Pak was awarded a significant order for Fonterra’s new mozzarella manufacturing facility at the Clandeboye site in the South Island of New Zealand.

Tetra Pak® PlantMaster gives you total control

Tetra Pak® PlantMaster is designed to help food producers take total control and achieve their top performance with: ...

Website redesigned

Today we have launched our redesigned website, which underlines our kinship with Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak’s expert centre for membrane filtration is Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions, located in Silkeborg Denmark and Champlin USA.

New Managing Director of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions

New Managing Director of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions

Kresten Hjortsballe has taken up the position as Managing Director of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions with 120 employees in Silkeborg, Denmark and in Minneapolis, US.

Arla Food Ingredients opens protein hydrolysates factory

With the opening of this new facility in Nr. Vium Denmark, Arla Food Ingredients, a subsidiary of Arla Foods, have further strengthened their position as a leading global supplier of highly sophisticated functional ingredients for the infant, clinical and sports nutrition markets.

Large order from Danish biotec company Glycom

DSS, part of Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions, has won the order for the filtration part of a large production facility for HMO in Esbjerg Denmark. The order comprises several membrane filtration plants, including ceramic UF plant and spiral-wound NF plants. 

HMOs are small fibers, which are found in human milk. They create and maintain a strong gut barrier defence and healthy intestinal microbiotia in infants and adults, and they are the biggest difference between infant formula and mother’s milk.  As a result, HMOs have the potential to address a number of global health challenges. HMOs are unique, wonderful, gentle, natural compounds that offer many health benefits.  Glycom can now manufacture them in large quantities and offer them to the world for the first time.

Glycom a privately held company, founded in 2005 and based in Denmark. The company is focussed on the development, synthesis and commercialization of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).

DSS establishes Water Competence Center in Denmark

In the light of the increasing focus on water consumption and water as a scarce resource, DSS, A Tetra Pak Company has established a Water Competence Center in Silkeborg Denmark.

The Water Competence Center is part of DSS Business Development, headed by Karsten Lauritzen and will be staffed with highly competent specialists in water saving technology and reuse of process water; the center will be the hub for collection, systematization and documentation of existing water expertise and development of new solutions and best practices for optimal utilization of process water.

The new setup will operate as the Center of Expertise on water and environmentally sound process solutions for Tetra Pak in general. Tetra Pak already has considerable knowledge and competence in the field of water and environment, and the new center is expected to consolidate that knowledge. 

By launching the water competence initiative, DSS wishes to inspire food processing companies to new ways of thinking, which will secure growth opportunities – despite soaring prices of water and increasing regulatory requirements to water consumption and wastewater discharge, which often stand in their way to growth. 

Recovering process water from production and using it for cleaning of production equipment will reduce the need for water intake considerably. However, many countries have strict requirements to process water for reuse, and one of the tasks of Water Competence experts is to map local legislation and requirements to recovered process water around the world. Only by having thorough knowledge of such legislation can the Water Competence experts provide professional advice to customers and colleagues with respect to their particular regulatory framework.

DSS is now hiring employees for the Water Competence Center, expected to be operational over the summer. We are looking for people with knowhow and experience in water technology and water consultancy.

Please see our Job Openings section (in Danish).

Article: The Essential FILTER

Orla Nissen, sales director at DSS, a Tetra Pak company, discusses how changes in dairy are making filtration key to new products. Read article.

Dairy Suppliers Day - New Generation of Lactose Free Milk

Dairy Suppliers Day 2016, Hotel Legoland, Billund

13.30 – 14.50: Karsten Lauritzen, R&D manager of DSS, A Tetra Pak Company presents New Generation of Lactose Free Milk. 

Dairy membranes with low protein loss


Increase the profit of your whey or milk ultrafiltration plant by means of this next-generation membrane


The AL GR82 PE/PP membrane is a highly efficient membrane for UF applications and a smart alternative to other leading membrane types. Extensive field trials show that the protein loss in permeate with the GR82 membrane is extremely low. Installing this membrane type will increase the protein yield and thus the overall profitability of the plant. 

Try it! Contact us for further information.

DSS, A Tetra Pak Company
Phone +45 8720 0840


How are spiral-wound membranes made?

Have you ever wondered how a spiral-wound membrane is made?

We have shot a video at the production facilities of Alfa Laval, one of our largest suppliers.

Watch it here

New sales manager for Nordic markets


We are pleased to announce that we have employed Niels Skou as Sales Manager of our activities in primarily the Nordic markets.

Niels was formerly with ÅF Food & Pharma as responsible for sale to food companies in Denmark. Before that he was a sales engineer with APV from 1998 to 2011.

Trained as a dairy technologist at Dalum, Niels has been working at Mammen Dairy, MD Foods Hjørring, and as a commissioning engineer for APV Cheese. 



DSS wins landmark Fonterra order

Fonterra Cooperative Group, the world's biggest dairy exporter, is building a state-of-the-art high-functional whey protein ingredients factory in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

DSS has been awarded the contract for the membrane filtration part of this huge project, the largest one-off membrane installation ever.

This unique factory consists of 6 membrane plants, including UF, MF, RO, NF with a total of more than 4 hectares of membrane area (equivalent to 6 soccer fields!) and will process approximately 3,000,000 kg of whey per day into highly specialized WPC/WPI products.

The greenfield project is already under construction and scheduled for first whey into the plant on 1st December 2014.

Tetra Pak acquires DSS Silkeborg

Acquisition of DSS Silkeborg A/S broadens Tetra Pak’s range of processing solutions

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (3 September 2013) — Tetra Pak®, the world leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has acquired Denmark-based DSS Silkeborg A/S, a European market leader in dairy membrane filtration technology.

Established in 2000, DSS is a privately held company with 46 employees that develops, designs, sells, builds and commissions membrane filtration systems for dairy applications, using reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultra-filtration and micro-filtration technologies. The core competence of DSS lies in maximizing the full use of milk and whey, based on its in-depth understanding of fractionation processes, water treatment and dairy production.

“Becoming an integral part of Tetra Pak, a large multinational company focused on the dairy sector, offers DSS an opportunity for a new phase of growth in the global dairy industry,” says Niels Osterland, co-founder and managing director of DSS.

“The acquisition of DSS adds to Tetra Pak’s expertise in membrane filtration technology, enabling us to provide our customers with an even wider range of processing solutions for dairy, cheese and whey as well as other beverages and prepared foods,” says Tim High, Executive Vice President Processing Systems, Tetra Pak.

In addition, says High, “The integration of DSS’s expertise with Tetra Pak’s energy, waste and water reduction technologies will provide our customers with processing solutions designed to reduce their carbon and water footprint as well as their operational costs.”

DSS will remain in Silkeborg, Denmark with its current management team as part of Tetra Pak’s Cheese and Powder business unit. Existing sales channels will be supplemented through Tetra Pak’s global market operations.


Tetra Pak offers complete processing solutions based on world-class food technology and engineering expertise covering every step in the efficient and hygienic production of a broad variety of foods and beverages. This includes all of the key technologies for the dairy industry. 

New employee at DSS

IMJWe are pleased to welcome Ingermarie Jensen who joined our R&D department on 1st June.

Ingemarie Jensen has been employed with Arla Foods for 10 years, developing and optimizing recipes and processes within UHT and cultured dairy products, and she recently added a Master’s in Dairy Technology to her long experience. 

Third order from Kraft Foods in 4 months


DSS is proud to announce that we have now received the third large order for filtration systems from Kraft Foods in only four months!

Successful days in Moscow


DSS Silkeborg participated in the 11th Dairy and Meat Industry exhibition in Moscow, held from 12-15 March.

This exhibition is a unique business event in Russia, showcasing the complete processing cycle of milk and meat, including equipment, technology, certification, transportation, packaging, and storage. It featured a solid program of conferences, workshops, and master classes, providing participants with the latest information from key players of the dairy and meat industries.

DSS exhibited at the Dairy and Meat Industry for the first time, and the event fully met our expectations. The well-attended exhibition was a most welcome opportunity for DSS to meet with clients and business relations from mainly east European markets.

The focus of our stand was on innovative and resource-saving technologies of membrane filtration in the dairy industry.

New website launched

Today we have launched our revamped website, which we hope you like.

We have introduced the Shop, where you can get a quote for replacement membranes and accessories from leading manufacturers. Try it here.
The Shop will show used plants for sale when available.

DSS co-developer of membranes for the future

Together with DTU, the Danish Technical University, and the companies Aquaporin, Arla Foods, and Dupont, DSS has been awarded more than EUR 6 mio. by the  Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation for the development of biometrical membranes and their applications within cleantech, pharma, and biotech.

The concept of using biometrical membranes is based on nature's systems for selective conveyance of molecules through cell membranes, meaning that single components of a complex fluid can be removed or detected via the membrane.

In the longer term, the intention is to facilitate application of biometrical membranes to substitute current high-cost separation processes.

As a first step, the main focus of DSS will be the development of systems for ultra-clean process and waste water in dairy plants, concentrating on the optimisation of water usage and effluents.

New large order from Kraft Foods

DSS has signed a major contract with Kraft Foods Fallingbostel, reinforcing the existing close business relations between our two companies.

The project accentuates Kraft Foods’ commitment to be at the forefront with new, sophisticated products of the highest quality.

The new plant will be commissioned in the autumn of 2013.

New employee at DSS

ktaWe are happy to announce that Kim Toft Andersen has joined DSS as our Innovation Manager.
Until 2011, Kim ran his own company, Lactinnovation, providing consultancy to the dairy industry on better utilization of milk components.
From 2001 until 2004 Kim was employed at Bornholm
Co-operative Dairy as a dairy manager, and most recently as a sales manager of the Swedish company Kemikalia.

Large order from SAVES srl

DSS has received an order for a large UF plant for whey concentration.

The plant will be installed at SAVES s.r.l in Italy and is planned to go into operation second half of 2013.

Major order from Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina Logo


In March 2012 DSS received a major order for a ZeRo™ plant for whey concentration.


The plant was installed at FrieslandCampina’s Workum site and has been in operation in Workum since October 2012.

Organisation news

We have recently welcomed 2 new employees at DSS:



Michael Bjørn Andersen
Michael is our new Area Sales Manager; he was formerly the sales manager of Poul Tarp AS, a company which manufactures and markets measuring equipment for milk tankers among food industry related machinery. In addition, Michael has experience from the membrane filtration industry.



Christian Mølsted Ibsen
Christian is the new employee of our warehouse and logistics team.

DSS enhances organisation again

DSS has recently added new expertise to the project team:


Claus Høgh Christensen
Claus joined DSS as a project manager in February 2012. Claus has extensive experience in project management from Bilwinco and Crisplant and will concentrate on DSS' major projects.


Bo Gamborg
Bo is our new Automation Engineer and joined DSS in May 2012. Bo has several years of experience with control systems from Degremont, etc.

Three major orders from FrieslandCampina

DSS has received 3 major orders from FrieslandCampina for whey concentration:

One ZeRo™ plant for whey concentration, which will be installed at FrieslandCampina’s Workum site. The plant is planned to go into operation in August 2012.

Two RO plants for concentration of demineralised whey will be installed at FrieslandCampina’s Beilen and Bedum sites. The plants are planned to go into operation late 2012 and early 2013.

Busy week at the Anuga FoodTec


DSS spent a very busy week at the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne with a very high number of visitors from all over the world.

It was a pleasure meeting with new people  as well as well-known customers to discuss innovative membrane filtration solutions,  and we would like to thank everybody who made this show a very successful experience for DSS.

Busy week at the Anuga FoodTec (2)


DSS spent a very busy week at the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne with a very high number of visitors from all over the world.

It was a pleasure meeting with new people  as well as well-known customers to discuss innovative membrane filtration solutions,  and we would like to thank everybody who made this show a very successful experience for DSS.

New order from Allgäu Milch Käse

DSS has received an order for the extension of UF and RO plants for concentration of raw milk and UF permeate at Allgäu Milch Käse's Kimratshofen site.

New faces at DSS

DSS is growing, and we are proud to welcome 4 new colleagues:
Morten Aagaard
Morten is our new commissioning engineer. Morten joined the DSS project department on September 1st, 2011. He is a trained dairy technician and has experience from previous jobs at GEA, APV/SPX and Arla Foods.
Pelin G. Pedersen
Pelin has joined the DSS project department as our new project assistant. Pelin is B. Sc. Food engineer from Ege University in Turkey. She has experience from the dairy industry from previous jobs at APV/SPX Turkey, and GEA Filtration in Denmark.
Johanne S. Thomsen
Johanne is our new office trainee. She is affiliated with our finance department and will be trained at DSS for the next two years as part of her education.
Johannes B. Jespersen 
Johannes has joined DSS as a project manager in October 2011. He has many years of experience from GEA Filtration and APV Membrane Filtration.

Successful DSS participation at the CDIA

Together with our representative in China, Lixus, DSS made several new contacts at the 11th Dairy Technology Exhibition & 17th Annual Meeting of China Dairy Industry Association held in Chengdu from 19 to 21 August 2011. We look forward to serving customers in the booming Chinese market.

New Head of DSS Project Department

DSS is proud to welcome Mrs Susanne Greve as its new Head of the Project Department as of 1st June 2011. Mrs Greve is a MSc in Engineering and comes to DSS from 14 years with APV/SPX. She has commercial and managerial experience in equipment for the dairy industry. Mrs Greve will be in charge of the Project Department, which currently has a staff of 10, and she will join the Management Group of DSS.

Extension of whey plant at TINE Dairy

As an offshoot of the massive project landed by DDS in 2010, Norwegian TINE Dairy has placed an order with DSS for the extension of 2 RO plants for whey. In line with the demand for a high quality end product, the extension will make it possible to lower the production temperature to 10°C against the present 20°C. The whey concentrate produced will be processed further in the new Jæren plant also supplied by DSS.
In addition, the order comprises upgrade of cooling systems to full protection against any subsequent contamination from service media.

Substantial Kraft Foods order

DSS has won a significant order for the production of the popular Philadelphia cream cheese at Kraft Foods Europe in Bad Fallingbostel in Germany. The order comprises a new ultrafiltration production line including controls system and will be ready for production in September 2011.

Major order for milk concentration

DSS opens new accounting year with a major order for RO concentration of raw milk.
An RO (reverse osmosis) plant removes water from the milk, increasing the level of total solids. By concentrating the raw milk the dairy factory will halve pricey transportation costs, and as an added bonus, the water filtered from the milk can be used as process water, reducing the total need for well water of the dairy factory. 
In line with the increasing focus on green image, environment, and sustainability DSS offers 3 innovative membrane filtration processes that will help reduce resource consumption: Milk Recovery, Caustic Recovery, and Brine Recovery.

DSS at Kold College for "Mejeribrugets Dag"


A record-high number of visitors attended the Mejeribrugets Dag event at Danish Kold College in Odense on 2 February. Around 500 dairy people took part in the versatile programme of lectures, visit at Kold College, dairy product display and supplier exhibits.

DSS participated at the event, featuring a table soccer match with prizes of 3 NF membranes, and competition was keen!

The popular lectures provided listeners with new inspiration and knowledge about INNOVATION, seen by several speakers as paramount to the development, growth and profit of companies. 

The dairy product display was extremely well-received, visitors crowding around the tables with delicious samples and networking around cafe tables and supplier booths.

The new class of cooks-to-be presented an exquisite tapas-like buffet based on Danish dairy products.

thumb_dss_003.jpg thumb_dss_002.jpg  thumb_picture00550.jpg thumb_picture00545.jpg


See more pictures from the event at


New president of The Danish Society of Dairy Technology

At the recent general assembly of the Danish Society of Dairy Technology, Managing Director of DSS Niels Osterland was elected president. He replaces Peter Vammen who held the post for many years.  

The object of the Society is to support dairy research and communicate the results to all parts of the industry. To this end, 5 or 6 seminars are held each year where different topics are discussed by experts from Denmark and abroad. In addistion, the Society is a co-organiser of various scientific conferences together with universities and other research centres. Thus, the activities of the Society are very much in line with DSS's wish to play a  prominent part in the development of membrane filtration technology for the dairy industry.

Extended membrane programme from DSS

In the future DSS Silkeborg AS, specialist in membrane filtration technology for the dairy industry, is able to offer an even wider range of membranes to its customers.

As pr. July 1, DSS has reached a new  distribution agreement with Alfa Laval Membrane Technology in Nakskov, DK (former DDS and Danish Separation Systems). The agreement ensures that DSS also in the future will be able to offer its customers Alfa Laval-membranes on favourable terms. DSS also continues the exclusivity on the M37-system for UF of dairy products with high viscosity. Furthermore, DSS is now able to deliver Alfa Laval membranes for applications outside the dairy industry, as well as, DSS now has the opportunity to add to the membrane assortment with UF- and MF-membranes from other manufactures. 

The DSS assortment of RO- and NF-membranes still consists of products from a wide range of the leading producers.

DSS has intensified its R&D efforts concerning screening and test of new membrane types for applications within the dairy industry, and the new agreement grants DSS the freedom to choose membranes for this purpose from any membrane producer.

For further information please contact Managing Director Niels Osterland, +45 87 20 08 40 or

DSS acquires additional land for future expansion

In order to secure the space for future growth and expansion, DSS Silkeborg AS has acquired the 11,000 m2 vacant lot at Bergsoesvej 16 - just opposite the current premises.

There are no current plans for the land, but construction of some sort of building must be initiated within 2 years according to local regulations.

Silkeborg Food Technology Center

DSS Silkeborg has acquired an approx. 11,000 m2 large plot of land opposite the existing premises on Bergsøesvej 17 in Silkeborg. The aim is eventually to have the space to create an innovation environment, which so far bears the working name Silkeborg Food Technology Center (SFTC).  

The idea is to create a center where companies providing development, technology, knowledge, advice and services to the food industry and related industries, can promote themselves together in relation to clients and, not least in relation to future employees.

The key element is the creation of an innovative environment based on commercially viable ideas and activities, where employees from different companies can inspire each other and attract new talented people, which could ultimately create a strong business- and knowledge center within the industry. With a short distance to major food companies and Aarhus University, we believe that the location is right. An actual production is not supposed to take place in the center.

The building is thought to be a complex, divided into a number of larger and smaller units consisting of offices and possibly laboratories built around common facilities with reception, meeting rooms, canteen, etc.

Construction is expected to take place in phases and should be initiated upon binding agreements with at least 5 companies with a minimum of 25 employees. The goal within 5 years is minimum 10 companies with a combined minimum of 100 employees. Fully developed, the center will have a capacity of approx. 150 employees. Eventually, DSS´ own development department with 10 to 15 employees is expected to move into the center.

Enhanced membrane sales and service concept

DSS has introduced a 24/7 service concept allowing customers around the world to order membranes at any time - also outside normal office hours. 

Calling our service number +45 7070 1661 outside normal office hours will put you in contact with a dedicated DSS employee, who can either help you immediately, or make sure that proper action to solve your problem is taken within a few hours.

DSS is known as the leading supplier of membrane technology to the global dairy industry. Over the past 10 years more than 500 membrane filtration systems for various applications have been supplied to most parts of the world.

This significant installed base along with many other systems in operation represents a large volume of membranes which needs replacement, either on a regular basis, in case of breakdowns, or for other unforeseen reasons.

Until 2007, DSS was the exclusive supplier of Alfa Laval membranes, mainly ultrafiltration membranes. The Alfa Laval membranes, together with Filmtec membranes for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, formed a solid base for DSS’ after sales activities.

Two years ago we decided to widen our product range, and today we can offer a wide range of organic membranes from leading manufacturers.

The Team
A dedicated staff of very experienced experts is ready to service our customers. During normal office hours, contact Bo or Ib directly:

Bo S. Jensen
Bo S. Jensen has been working with membrane filtration for more than 20 years - the last 10 years at DSS, involved in sales of membranes and service.

Contact Bo directly:
Office phone: +45 8720 3023
Mobile phone: +45 4029 0804
Ib K. Christoffersen
Ib K. Christoffersen, coming from APV, joined DSS on March 1st 2009. Ib has more than 25 years experience in selling membranes, and is therefore a very competent addition to our after sales service activities.

Contact Ib directly:
Office phone: +45 8720 3027
Mobile phone: +45 2118 0027

For urgent matters outside normal office hours, call our
new 24/7 service hotline +45 7070 1661

Bo and Ib share the responsibility of selling membranes to all present and future customers. Besides this primary task they will also take care of spare parts, service, troubleshooting, pilot plants- and tests. By calling Bo or Ib you can be sure to get the best possible support and service in the industry – as well as they can direct you to any other of DSS’ many experts.

DSS Silkeborg AS lands record-setting order

DSS has signed a contract with the Norwegian dairy group TINE for the supply of two virtually identical whey protein projects including several membrane filtration systems and related equipment with a total value around EUR 7.4 million. The systems are to be installed at TINE's brand new dairy at Jæren, near Stavanger and a new protein plant at the company´s facilities at Verdal, near Trondheim. 


The order is the largest in DSS' history and lifts the total order intake over the past twelve months up to about EUR 22 million, which is also a record for a single year.

The contract for these projects was won in fierce competition with large international groups like Tetrapak and GEA. TINE has chosen to place orders for each process section with many different suppliers, hoping to get the best available technology at all stages.

As global market leader in membrane filtration technology for the dairy industry, DSS has delivered and installed more than 500 membrane filtration plants in most parts of the world. The company has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and has a staff of about 35, but is currently seeking new employees.