Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope

Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope Kit


Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope

Membrane diagnostics has never been easier

It is a first-of-its-kind diagnostic tool that provides visual confirmation as to the source of poor permeate quality/product loss in UF, NF, and RO spiral-wound dairy filtration systems.

By means of a waterproof recording video inspection camera and a 20-meter (60-feet) long probe the Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope will visually identify the source of failure.

This procedure is performed while the system is in production mode, so a shut-down is not required. Tetra Pak® Membrane Scope streamlines the diagnostic process and rapidly removes the uncertainty in identifying the failure source, which will lead to reduced costs associated with product loss, equipment down-time, operator intervention time, and unnecessary element replacement.


  • No dismantling required
  • No downtime
  • No unneeded membrane replacement

This new spiral-wound membrane leak detection kit will save you time and money!

Watch the video to the right to see how it works! 

Versatile tool

The Tetra Pak®  Membrane Scope is an extremely versatile tool; apart from membrane diagnostics, the tool is applicable troubleshooting of any hard-to-access piece of process equipment such as evaporators, piping, etc.

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