DSS co-developer of membranes for the future

Together with DTU, the Danish Technical University, and the companies Aquaporin, Arla Foods, and Dupont, DSS has been awarded more than EUR 6 mio. by the  Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation for the development of biometrical membranes and their applications within cleantech, pharma, and biotech.

The concept of using biometrical membranes is based on nature's systems for selective conveyance of molecules through cell membranes, meaning that single components of a complex fluid can be removed or detected via the membrane.

In the longer term, the intention is to facilitate application of biometrical membranes to substitute current high-cost separation processes.

As a first step, the main focus of DSS will be the development of systems for ultra-clean process and waste water in dairy plants, concentrating on the optimisation of water usage and effluents.