DSS establishes Water Competence Center in Denmark

In the light of the increasing focus on water consumption and water as a scarce resource, DSS, A Tetra Pak Company has established a Water Competence Center in Silkeborg Denmark.

The Water Competence Center is part of DSS Business Development, headed by Karsten Lauritzen and will be staffed with highly competent specialists in water saving technology and reuse of process water; the center will be the hub for collection, systematization and documentation of existing water expertise and development of new solutions and best practices for optimal utilization of process water.

The new setup will operate as the Center of Expertise on water and environmentally sound process solutions for Tetra Pak in general. Tetra Pak already has considerable knowledge and competence in the field of water and environment, and the new center is expected to consolidate that knowledge. 

By launching the water competence initiative, DSS wishes to inspire food processing companies to new ways of thinking, which will secure growth opportunities – despite soaring prices of water and increasing regulatory requirements to water consumption and wastewater discharge, which often stand in their way to growth. 

Recovering process water from production and using it for cleaning of production equipment will reduce the need for water intake considerably. However, many countries have strict requirements to process water for reuse, and one of the tasks of Water Competence experts is to map local legislation and requirements to recovered process water around the world. Only by having thorough knowledge of such legislation can the Water Competence experts provide professional advice to customers and colleagues with respect to their particular regulatory framework.

DSS is now hiring employees for the Water Competence Center, expected to be operational over the summer. We are looking for people with knowhow and experience in water technology and water consultancy.

Please see our Job Openings section (in Danish).