Extended membrane programme from DSS

In the future DSS Silkeborg AS, specialist in membrane filtration technology for the dairy industry, is able to offer an even wider range of membranes to its customers.

As pr. July 1, DSS has reached a new  distribution agreement with Alfa Laval Membrane Technology in Nakskov, DK (former DDS and Danish Separation Systems). The agreement ensures that DSS also in the future will be able to offer its customers Alfa Laval-membranes on favourable terms. DSS also continues the exclusivity on the M37-system for UF of dairy products with high viscosity. Furthermore, DSS is now able to deliver Alfa Laval membranes for applications outside the dairy industry, as well as, DSS now has the opportunity to add to the membrane assortment with UF- and MF-membranes from other manufactures. 

The DSS assortment of RO- and NF-membranes still consists of products from a wide range of the leading producers.

DSS has intensified its R&D efforts concerning screening and test of new membrane types for applications within the dairy industry, and the new agreement grants DSS the freedom to choose membranes for this purpose from any membrane producer.

For further information please contact Managing Director Niels Osterland, +45 87 20 08 40 or