DSS at Kold College for "Mejeribrugets Dag"


A record-high number of visitors attended the Mejeribrugets Dag event at Danish Kold College in Odense on 2 February. Around 500 dairy people took part in the versatile programme of lectures, visit at Kold College, dairy product display and supplier exhibits.

DSS participated at the event, featuring a table soccer match with prizes of 3 NF membranes, and competition was keen!

The popular lectures provided listeners with new inspiration and knowledge about INNOVATION, seen by several speakers as paramount to the development, growth and profit of companies. 

The dairy product display was extremely well-received, visitors crowding around the tables with delicious samples and networking around cafe tables and supplier booths.

The new class of cooks-to-be presented an exquisite tapas-like buffet based on Danish dairy products.

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