Tetra Pak supplies new mozzarella plant for Fonterra

In January 2017, Tetra Pak was awarded a significant order for Fonterra’s new mozzarella manufacturing facility at the Clandeboye site in the South Island of New Zealand.

The project comprises a new mozzarella cheese factory built as a green field plant within the boundaries of the existing Clandeboye site. The new plant doubles Fonterra’s capacity of grated Individually Quick Frozen mozzarella, destined for pizza restaurants across China, Asia and the Middle East, enough to top more than 300m pizzas a year!

For Tetra Pak, the project comprises general milk treatment and cheese milk preparation, whey treatment, filtration, automation, installation and commissioning.

The two large filtration plants delivered by Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions processes whey from the mozzarella factory for Whey Protein Concentrate and Permeate Concentrate, and the scope comprises design and manufacture of the filtration plants, functional description for plant automation and commissioning.