Silkeborg Food Technology Center

DSS Silkeborg has acquired an approx. 11,000 m2 large plot of land opposite the existing premises on Bergsøesvej 17 in Silkeborg. The aim is eventually to have the space to create an innovation environment, which so far bears the working name Silkeborg Food Technology Center (SFTC).  

The idea is to create a center where companies providing development, technology, knowledge, advice and services to the food industry and related industries, can promote themselves together in relation to clients and, not least in relation to future employees.

The key element is the creation of an innovative environment based on commercially viable ideas and activities, where employees from different companies can inspire each other and attract new talented people, which could ultimately create a strong business- and knowledge center within the industry. With a short distance to major food companies and Aarhus University, we believe that the location is right. An actual production is not supposed to take place in the center.

The building is thought to be a complex, divided into a number of larger and smaller units consisting of offices and possibly laboratories built around common facilities with reception, meeting rooms, canteen, etc.

Construction is expected to take place in phases and should be initiated upon binding agreements with at least 5 companies with a minimum of 25 employees. The goal within 5 years is minimum 10 companies with a combined minimum of 100 employees. Fully developed, the center will have a capacity of approx. 150 employees. Eventually, DSS´ own development department with 10 to 15 employees is expected to move into the center.