Technology and environmental awareness drive new food trends

New trends and consumer preferences develop rapidly – helped by social media. Consumers listen to each other and to environmentally friendly brands. We are looking forward to meeting customers and cooperation partners at hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia/the International Food Contest 2019 and to having a dialogue about Tetra Pak Processing’s power and water saving solutions.

Tetra Pak constantly monitors market trends globally and locally to support our customers’ product development. Today, many consumers are looking for tasty and natural foods, which contribute to better nutrition and increased well-being. Protein-enriched products is a growing market.

Sports nutrition based on whey proteins such as protein bars and beverages as well as yogurts, ice, and desserts with high protein and calcium content for elderly people are examples of this trend. Our solutions provide food producers full flexibility to create new products with precise management of protein, fat, calcium, and lactose content etc.

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Environmentally conscious brands win customers

Consumer demands for sustainable food production with a minimum of waste and use of resources are increasing. Complete transparency of production processes is expected.

Membrane filtration of milk, cheese milk, and whey ensure that raw materials are exploited so that nothing is wasted. Both when it comes to bacteria removal to ensure products longer shelf life; or concentration and precise fractionation of proteins to produce customer-specified products; or when it comes to reuse of the water in the milk or whey e.g. for cleaning of production plants instead of letting the water into the drain.

Intelligent design and control of process plants optimize operation costs and reduces the carbon footprint and thus contribute positively to both innovative and environmentally conscious branding of food producers.

We're looking forward to seeing you at booth D3130.