Would you like to start your career as an Automation Engineer "in good company"?

Tetra Pak is looking for brilliant and highly motivated young people for our “Future Talent Programme” starting in 2019 to pursue our tradition to develop strong leadership and technical excellence. You have finished recently – or are about to finish your Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Electrical, Automation, or Software Engineering this year. Project Manager Christoffer Christensen followed the programme from September 2017, after he had graduated in technology management and marine engineering, and one year ahead. Read his story, and apply for the position. 


”I applied for the job with Tetra Pak Filtration Solutions, as I could see that the company would challenge and grow my skills from the start. As a graduate, your knowledge is rather broad. So, you feel that the best and only thing you can contribute with is your ability to learn quickly,” Christoffer says.

Common to the various talent programmes in Tetra Pak is that the new employees get into the business fast; through trainings and courses during the first three months and by being assigned great responsibilities. Like any new employee, you also get your own buddy.  

”In my programme, I attended a dairy school in Britain for a week and a half to learn basic dairy technologies. After this, I started designing filtration solutions; and four months in my programme, I was assigned my first project for a dairy in Russia. You are expected to take responsibility for your own development. At the same time, you get support and sparring from you colleagues,” he says.

Recently, he was co-hosting a visit by students in the headquarters in Silkeborg, where he told them about his job.

”To illustrate what I’m working with, and how varied my job is, I told them about the tasks that I’d worked with in the morning, before they arrived at noon.

I’d purchased pumps for a substantial amount, forwarded drawings to a colleague in Chile, and spoken to another colleague in Brazil about a project. I’d also discussed a new system with a project manager in our Chinese market company. Most of my time, however, I’d spent on dimensioning a new system for a customer in Italy,” Christoffer tells.

He travels up to 50 days a year and has visited customers in Britain and Italy among others.

“This year, I’m also going to attend courses in project management and customer relations at the Groups’ headquarters in Lund in Sweden. All in all, I find my job very exciting!” he concludes. 

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