Pilot plants

pilot plant

We offer different types of easy-to-use pilot plants for rental. Any dairy filtration processes can be tested by means of our different types of pilot plant. 

The pilot plants are a convenient way to test almost any application: high or low concentration, batch or continuous process, milk, fermented milk, sweet or sour whey, MF/UF/NF permeates, condensate, cheese brine, etc. Diafiltration is also possible on the RO/NF SW plant and the MF/UF SW plant.

The pilot plants are ideal for developing new products, testing of altered process parameters, new concentration levels, different membrane types, for making product samples to be used in consumer tests - and many other tasks.

Types of pilot plant

  • Combined RO/NF SW plants
  • Combined MF/UF SW plants
  • UF P&F plants
  • MF ceramic plants
  • UF ceramic (3-step design)

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